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Matthew’s Landscaping provides landscape maintenance in Santa Maria all the way down to Santa Ynez. Do you enjoy doing the maintenance yourself? We also provide a wide range of landscape installation services in Lompoc and surrounding areas. Our attention to detail with affordable and quality landscaping services, makes us the first choice for Central Coast residents.

Matthew’s Landscaping
Lawn Care and Landscaping in Lompoc & Beyond

Some might think of landscaping as little more than adding a few tasteful plants meant to liven up a boring space. At Mathews landscaping, we believe that landscaping is something more. It is the first thing a potential customer or guest sees before entering your home or business. As a homeowner, a well-landscaped yard brings many benefits far beyond the pride of ownership and increased property value. In many ways, the landscape “sets the stage” for the property and provides a physical mural of sorts for visitors or passer-by-ers to enjoy and even be inspired by. We are equipped with the skill and knowledge to make any yard a work of art. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin the journey to a more beautiful and peaceful day!

We snap yards into shape!

Located in Lompoc, CA 

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Take a drive or stroll around any neighborhood or town and a few different things are likely to grab your attention. Chances are that the things that stand out amongst all the rest are the well took care of homes that have perfect, crave-worthy landscaped homes and those that well, don’t. In the ideal world, we all would have plentiful time to plant beautiful gardens and equal amounts of time to maintain them to perfection.

Unfortunately, life is busy, and maintaining a prize-worthy landscape is time-consuming. So what can you do when you have no time to spare but still dream of having that awe-inspiring yard or attention-grabbing landscaping?

One possible route is to dedicate hours from precious weekends and perhaps even enlist a small crew of loyal friends to revamp the yard you already have.

A better option, however, is to give us a call. We specialize in landscaping and can work with you to create the landscape of your dreams!

There’s no denying the fact that most people are completely capable of minor DIY projects around the yard. Running down to a local nursery or home improvement store and picking up a few plants is a great way to bring new life to a tired yard.

Our professional landscaping service, however, will save you the hassle and headaches. Not only will you be receiving expert advice on how to best meet your needs, but you also won’t even have to get your hands dirty! Here are a few things to consider before deciding if hiring a landscaper is the right choice for you.

Our Services

Lawn Care

We are the premier esidential and commercial lawn maintenance company. Mowing, Edging, Blowing.

Yard Cleanup

Does your yard need some attention? Let us do the dirty work of cleaning up your outdoor sanctuary.

Trimming & Pruning

Are the bushes getting out of hand? Not only does keeping them trimmed to look good, but it is healthy as well.

Sprinkler Repair

Do you have a leaking irrigation system or a broken sprinkler head? Call today for a repair and save water.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Sprinkler Repair

Matthew’s Landscaping
Pros of Having a Professionally Landscaped Yard

  • Improved Quality of Life

What better way to use the space around your home or business than to add a beautifully landscaped feature? A professionally landscaped yard does more than just appeal to the eye. It can improve your quality of life. According to an article posted on Medical Daily, going outside for just 15 minutes can significantly increase your vitamin D levels which help to promote overall good health. It also helps to increase alertness and boosts your mood as well as creativity. Altogether, these benefits are sure to make your home or working life more enjoyable. We have the knowledge and skill to help you choose the plants or features that will suit whatever your needs you might be. 

  • Brings down the temperature

Most of us can agree that enjoying an outside space is ideal both for entertaining and relaxing but hot temperatures can unfortunately keep you cooped up inside. One easy way to make your yard more enjoyable is simply adding a tree or even lawn to your yard. Aside from providing shade and an excellent space for you to retreat to, adding grass or trees reduces the temperature of the air circulating your home or building and provides a cool surface to enjoy or perhaps even add a pool for the kiddos too. We will help you design a landscape that will provide shade in the warmest time of the day and style your yard so that you can enjoy the best it has to offer.

  • Creates a great outdoor living space

Nowadays, people are searching for creative ways to safely enjoy being outdoors. When done well, a beautifully landscaped yard offers a safe solution. Yards can easily be transformed into a relaxing addition to any home or business. Even though the outdoors provides something to each person many of the physical benefits remain the same. Spending just a few minutes reconnecting with nature helps to lower blood pressure and provide a reset of sorts allowing you to clear your mind of stressors. It also provides the perfect space for entertaining, offering a safe, unique, and inviting space for guests to enjoy your home. We specialize in everything you need to make the space of your outside dreams come true from sod installation to intricate pavers and plant installation.

  • Uses fewer Resources and Improves the Quality of Air

Plants improve the air quality surrounding it by producing clean oxygen and helping to capture allergen causing particles floating in the air; the more plants you have, the better the quality of air will be. Most plants also act as important environmental filters in runoff waters, trapping harmful pollutants in their soil and stopping it from running off into drinking water. While it can be costly to water and care for a yard for plants, it doesn’t have to be. Limiting the amount of grass planted and strategically selecting drought-tolerant plants helps to cut down on maintenance as well as water usage. We have specialized knowledge of local and drought-tolerant plants that will require less care while still proving health and aesthetic benefits. 

  • Economic Benefits

In recent years, interest and demand for green spaces have been on the increase, making a home that has one more valuable. In addition, studies have shown that investing in a well designed landscaped area with high-end plants improves customer’s confidence in the surrounding businesses as well as increases consumer spending. Call today so that we can make the most of your investment and the space around your home or business.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Awesome job cleaning up our front and back yard and flowerbeds!"

They also noticed and took care of some sprinkler issues they found. I will definitely use their services again! I highly recommend them!

"We switched over from another landscaping company and were amazed at the difference from minute 1. The attention to detail is amazing and their work ethic is second to none."

"Honest, hardworking, and trustworthy! He really knows his stuff and does quality work. It is always a pleasure doing business with Matthew!"

“I contacted Matthew’s Landscaping to get a quote on trimming my birch tree."

He came on the same day. I was fearful of the cost, but the quote was very affordable, and we scheduled the service. He called before coming and completed the job promptly. His easy-going yet professional demeanor with an eye toward details - even cleaning up the street where some random twigs had scattered - confirmed my positive opinion about him. I will definitely be a return customer!

Residential & Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Matthew's Landscaping provides quality Landscape Maintenance, Yard Cleanups, Weed & Brush Removal, Sprinkler Repair, and more. Areas we serve are Santa Maria, Orcutt, Lompoc, Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez. CA Lic# 1073350


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