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Services and Pricing

Lawn Care

$100 to $200/month for bi-monthly service.

Yard Clean Up

Our average yard cleanup is $500 for a 2 man crew per day.

Sod Installation

Front yards $3.5 – $5 per square foot installed. Backyards are $4.5 – $6 per square foot installed. Includes gopher wire.

Sprinklers & Irrigation

$50 – $70 per hour plus materials. After the initial repair, other “leaks” may arise due to changes in water pressure.


Mulch & Rock

$3.5 – $5 per square foot installed for mulch, river rock, or pea gravel. Other types of rock call for a quote.


Plant Installation

Will be billed time and material due to the varying of plants, sizes, and location.


Trimming & Pruning

$50 per man-hour. Yucca and cactus add extra dump fees.


Paver Installation

$20 per square foot installed.

Flagstone Walkway

$46 Per Linear Foot. Includes 3′ wide flagstone (pink or grey) walkway with either decomposed granite, pea gravel, or river rock.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Call for details.

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