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Trimming or pruning bushes and trees is a tedious though a necessary part of landscape maintenance. If done correctly, it will help to encourage growth and prevent the weakening of plants and branches. Every year, however, people set out, trimmers in hand and end up damaging their plants or worse themselves.

Expertise is especially important when it comes to tree trimming. Without the right training, it could easily cause damage to the tree or your property. “Topping” a tree is a common mistake that involves cutting an unnecessary amount off a particular area of the tree. This leaves tree growth looking disproportionate and is sometimes impossible to fix. Trimming a tree also makes it more susceptible to weakening from pests or disease. We are trained at identifying weakened or diseased trees that may be at risk of falling.

A final benefit of professional tree trimming is the benefit of having us handle any heavy or awkward tree branches. Heavy winds or snowfall increases the likelihood that untrimmed branches will fall. Our trained team is knowledgeable on how to best remove them safely from your property before any personal or property damage occurs.

As professional landscapers, we recognize the varied ways plants need to be pruned or trimmed. Did you know, for example, that peach trees specifically require a V-shape pruning? Most trees and shrubs should of course be pruned in early spring, but not all. Some require that pruning take place later after they have flowered. It takes expert knowledge to know when and how to prune so that your plants will stay healthy and strong year after year.

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