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Some things are universally admired. A healthy green lawn growing in front of your home or business is one of them. Fortunately, obtaining your own park worthy green is fairly easy.

There are basically two different ways to add grass to your yard. The first involves selecting a seed variety of your choice. You must then decide where to plant it, tediously prep the land, making sure that at least 2 inches of soil is completely debris-free, and then spread the seeds, no more than 16 seed per inch to prevent crowding and weak growth. Once seeded, the lawn area should be roped off to prevent people from walking on it. Regular watering should also be done to encourage healthy growth. Once the grass has grown to a healthy height of at least 2 inches it is safer for it to be walked on and the rope may be removed.

The second and much more efficient way of obtaining awe-inspiring lawn is to purchase sod. As an additional benefit, it should be noted that most sod is locally grown and thus helps to support local growers and businesses. Going this route simply requires that the area desired is cleared of debris so that the sod can be laid out. Sods can also be laid during any season of the year as well as in areas that have previously had difficulty growing seed grass. Once laid, sod can be walked on almost immediately and is ready to be enjoyed.

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