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Pavers are a great way to add a low maintenance feature to your yard or garden. Most are made out of a combination of concrete and are quite sturdy. They can be used in virtually any climate and come in a large variety of sizes and colors. Some homeowners are even turning to pavers as a creative alternative to their driveway. As expert landscapers, we will work with you to create a paver design that will bring a unique and lasting element to your yard.

There are many attractive and creative reasons to add pavers to your landscaping. Some pavers offer an interlocking tongue-and-groove design, while others have smoother edges that allow them to lay next to one another allowing for seemingly endless designs to be created. More importantly, they are extremely cost-effective. Pavers can be used virtually anywhere, especially in places where concrete or asphalt could be poured. Surprisingly it is less expensive than either one. Pavers can be made up of several different compounds and the average length of use is typically between 25-30 years. In the unfortunate event that one is broken, it is typically fairly easy to have it replaced.

Maintenance typically requires regular sweeping or rinsing. Occasionally, it may be necessary to add filler sand to fill the spaces between pavers. Shifting may occasionally occur due to shifting sand beneath the surface of the pavers but is also easily fixed by lifting the pavers and re-leveling the surface below.

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