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Are you searching for a “mulch installation near me”? Or how about “rock installation near me”?

Just as a thoughtfully considered accessory can highlight the beauty of a well put together outfit, proper placement of ground covering can amplify the perfection of well-designed landscaping. Having your yard landscaped is an investment. Because of this, taking steps to protect that investment and extend longevity is highly recommended. Adding attractive ground-covering is one way to do this.

Once your landscaping design has been decided upon and your plants have been planted, the final step is usually a protective ground covering. The most common materials selected are mulch or rocks. Each provides a colorful addition and finished look amongst other benefits to the yard.

For areas that experience a wide range of temperatures or weather, including high amounts of precipitation, rock or mulch coverings are especially important. In addition to discouraging the growth of unsightly weeds and helping to insulate the ground against temperature variations, they also retain moisture in the ground soil and prevent erosion during heavy rains.

Rock mulch is initially a larger investment but the length of use is longer. One major benefit of rock over other types of mulch is that the length of time between necessary replacements is likely longer. Rock does not break down or decay the way many other mulch materials do and some may even act as a one-time purchase.

Depending on the climate and material selected, most mulch will last anywhere from 1-2 years. To replace it, the top 2-3 inches should be removed and replaced.

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