Mulch is the best thing that can happen to your gardens. Why? It provides beautiful beds, fewer weeds, and overall healthier plants! However, it’s not just as simple as deciding you want mulch this year.

How much mulch do I need? This question depends on what you’re trying to do for your yard or garden. Here’s how to decide and calculate the right amount.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch consists of bits of leaves, bark, or sometimes compost that is used to cover soil. While it not only makes a garden look far more organized and clean, it provides environmental benefits as well. 

Mulch acts as a sort of wall against evaporation, and in the long run, it can help benefit all of that organic matter found in the soil. What does that mean?

In short, it means more productive gardens with fewer weeds! 

Where Should I Put It?

There is no specific place to put mulch; it’s very versatile. From veggie gardens to blooming shrubs, mulch can practically help with any garden project. 

It can even help tree trunks in your yard be protected from mowers, just be sure not to pile it up too high. Too much mulch in one area can lead to moisture and decay from organisms that break down the bark and leaves. 

So, How Much Mulch Do I Need?

A simple 2-inch depth of mulch is standard for keeping down weeds and locking away moisture. However, be cautious not to put too much of it down. 

Your plant’s roots need a good amount of oxygen to survive, and piling on the mulch can lead to a deficit in those root’s ability to breathe. 

Specifically, the amount of mulch varies by which type of cut you decide to buy. For example:

  • Fine-textured mulch: no more than 3 in. deep 
  • Coarse-textured mulch: can go up to 4 in. deep

Some Basic Garden Math

Mulch is sold by the cubic yard, and one single yard covers a total of 324 square feet of space by an inch. So, figure the square footage of your bed by multiplying the width by the length for your rectangular/square beds. 

However, for those round beds, find the radius, which is the distance from the middle of the bed to the outside, by itself. You then multiply that total by 3.14. 

Note: Here’s a formula to keep in mind, Square feet x desired depth / 324 = cubic yards needed for mulch. 

What Is The Best Kind To Use?

To put it plainly, organic mulch is your best bet. It has various kinds of natural substances that decompose over time (bark, pine needles or wood chips.)

You usually have to replace mulch annually for the more finely-shredded types. However, the coarse-textured mulch can be replaced up to every three years. 

So, whenever you decide to transform your garden into the perfect hideaway, or simply want to make a few changes, there is little to no hassle in installing mulch into your space!

The Takeaway

While the question, “How much mulch do I need?” might sound relatively vast, with the proper tools and information, it really is easy to keep your garden looking neat and organized (not to mention healthier than ever!)

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