Landscaping can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

We understand how badly you want that outdoor sanctuary, so we compiled this list of three landscaping tips and tricks to get you inspired to transform your property. 

Keep reading below to learn the importance of planning, staying on top of your plants, and taking advantage of effective landscaping techniques. 

Jot Down Your Landscaping Ideas

The first thing to do when landscaping your yard is to write down your goals. What features do you want? What’s your space look like? What supplies do you need?

While the internet is a great place to collect yard landscaping ideas, you can also check magazines, your neighborhood, botanical gardens, and more. 

Pay close attention to how the sun moves around your yard and keep an eye out for any potential drainage issues. These two items could ruin your entire project. 

Draw an actual layout of your plan on a piece of paper or using an app. And, once you’re ready, plot everything out using rope so you get a feel for how it’ll look in real life. 

Don’t Neglect Your Planting

Your design concept may be dynamite but it’ll fail if your plants die. You have two options: hire landscaping services in California or go at it yourself.

Experts recommend starting with native plants first because they’re better suited for the climate and soil.

You should plant at least five native plant species together. What are the landscaping benefits of these plants? They’ll support one another and partner with mycorrhizal. This fungus helps with plant nutrition and soil. 

Plant a healthy mix of perennials and seasonals to keep it looking lush. You can also add flowering plants along the edge. 

Most importantly, stay on top of mowing your lawn. How often you should mow depends on the type of fertilizer used and overall moisture.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks

There are so many great things you can do with your yard. Are you struggling to get started?

Here are some pro tips on landscaping:

  1. Make a walkway to connect points of interest
  2. Add color and texture to your yard with a berm
  3. Install a natural-looking water feature
  4. Use curved lines with your landscaping
  5. Pick the right lights to illuminate your masterpiece at night

If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend time outside, consider adding an outdoor seating area to your yard. That way you can sit back and admire your gorgeous landscaping any time of day. 

Whether working on your yard or garden, spending time outdoors is beneficial for your physical and mental health. 

Need Help With Your Landscaping?

Hopefully reading this article has inspired you to work on your yard. Our landscaping tips and tricks are designed to help anyone.

But, if landscaping isn’t your thing or you need assistance, consider calling a professional. 

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